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Global Health Pathway

The Global Health Pathway is a concentration available to selected students in the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions who seek a rich, transformative experience learning about and working with diverse populations, whether locally or abroad.

Student Resources

RHCHP Pre-Service Learning Plan

Service Learning Site Proposal

COVID-19 Safety Plan and Assumption of Risk for Experiential Learning

GivePulse Video Tutorials

Service Learning Handbook

Learn more about our mission, resources and opportunities available.

Community Partners Resources

In collaboration with our community partners, RHCHP aims to advance social justice, cultural intelligence, civic engagement, leadership and health literacy.

Interested in becoming a partner with RHCHP Service Learning?

We would love to talk with you about opportunities to work with our students. Additionally, if you would like to make updates to your Scope of Work Agreement or have questions or concerns about a current student or service project, please contact the RHCHP Serve Learning Manager

Download Partner Protocol

Download Scope of Work Form

Already a service learning partner?

Thank you! If you have specific questions about course requirements, student projects, GivePulse or other components of the community partner role please reference the Service Learning Handbook.


RHCHP Service Learning uses the online platform GivePulse for the tracking and management of service learning experiences as well as student project signup, logging service hours, submitting timesheets and communicating with site supervisors and Service Learning staff.

Service Learning students use GivePulse in the following ways:

Give Pulse Instructions for Partners

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Cheryl Schwartz, Senior Director, RHCHP Service Learning & Global Health

Amy VanderTuig, RHCHP Service Learning/Global Health Pathway Administrative Coordinator