Clinical Simulation Laboratory

Learning to be a health care professional is rewarding, challenging and sometimes intimidating as you work with patients during vulnerable times. At Regis University we use technology to allow students to simulate real-world scenarios in our Clinical Simulation Laboratory.

two nurses attend to a medical mannequin

Innovation and Collaboration in Health Care

Our newly renovated and expanded facility offers a dynamic and collaborative learning environment for students in the schools of Nursing, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy. The center offers 12 rooms and is modeled to represent a full health center including hospital, outpatient, physical therapy and home care environments. Students put classroom lessons into practice, gain hands-on experience working as a member of a health care team and hone the very skills that will enable them to move patient care forward.

Lab Features

The lab is used in multiple classes across all RHCHP programs. Webcam and microphones in each room allow for live listening and viewing, as well as recording for later review and enhanced learning. The computers in each room of the center allow students to practice point-of-care documentation, again simulating real scenarios in health care practice today.

  • We have over 15 mannequins ranging in fidelity, including 5 pediatric patient simulators.
  • High fidelity mannequins are the most life-like. They have blinking eyes, pupils that can dilate based on sensitivity to light and chests that rise when they "breathe".
  • Both high and medium fidelity mannequins have heart, lung, bowel and voice sounds, interchangeable limbs as well as pulse points all the way through their lower extremities.
  • Mannequins are wirelessly controlled by faculty from outside the room. Vital signs will change based on the students' actions.
  • Students can take blood pressure readings and even administer IVs for real, life-like scenarios.
Women in medical lab
nurses using medical mannequin
nurses being observed in lab
doctoral candidate performing lab work with microscope